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Myanmar has overgrown both as a tourist destination and politically. It is always a bit difficult to obtain information once you get to Myanmar and there is, therefore, a guide to help you once you get there. The guide also makes your tour at Myanmar fruitful and enjoyable.


The first impression of Myanmar is always evident immediately you get to Yangon's airport. Yangon is the first and primary gateway to getting to Myanmar and also the commercial capital of Myanmar. It is evergreen and cold with shady parks, beautiful lakes, and lush tropical trees. Countless left-hand ancient cars driven on the right side of the road is the first thing that will catch your attention. People there love chewing betel leaves, and you will see most of their gums and lips stained red.


There are no worries about getting around Myanmar since motorbikes are all over. You will find that some brands like ATMs are missing and it's amazing that English is not spoken or understood there.  You can go to major tourist destinations using buses. Bus stations are dusty and located outside of town. You have to hire a taxi to access these places. Buses leave to various destinations and are always fully packed. It's therefore wise to book for tickets on time to avoid inconveniences. Around Yegon, you find many travel agents that are willing to help you in the booking. Get yangon tour package here!


There are countless attractions at Myanmar. Buddhist temples always dominate Myanmar cities, country, side, culture, spiritual centers, and architecture. It's too unfortunate when you miss a visit to Serene inle lake. A peaceful lake is in Shan state and borders Thai and Laos. It gives a calm, quiet environment because of the location near the mountains. You will get the chance of experiencing exceptional leg-paddlers, among the many other attractions.


Began is one of the major tourist destination in Myanmar. Your travel to Myanmar cannot be complete and epic without visiting Began. Begins is located on the banks of Ayeyarwady River and is known for its rich archaeological sites. To make your vacation more epic, you can hire a bike or a horse and explore the ancient abandoned temples, chuckling locals, rural life and sandy lanes.  Ngapali beach has the natural beauty which remains unexplored to date. It has the white sand beach which stretches 3km and is surrounded by coconut trees. Mrauk U is another site which is usually referred to as Myanmar's western world.it was named so because it took part in a cultural and religious exchange between the Indians and Southeast Asia. Other destinations of Myanmar include Nay Kyi Taw, Ngwe Saung beach, and Mandalay. Book myanmar tours packages here!